ND Engineering Services - Caesar II Stress Analysis



  • Pipe stress analysis (Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II, Piping Flexibility Analysis) using CAESAR II.
  • IBR Steam piping analysis (IBR Piping analysis, Steam Lines falling under Indian Boiler Regulation for chemical and power plants) , Pipe stress calculation for IBR submission and Isometric detailing for IBR submission.
  • Pipe Stress analysis of FRP piping as per ISO 14692
  • Primary and Secondary Special support detailing and designing.
  • Analysis for attachments to pressure vessels using Finite Element Analysis..
  • Troubleshooting in existing plants for Vessel to nozzle joint failure / Piping cracks and flange leakages / piping failure / Expansion joint failure / Spring failure / Vibration in piping / Pipe support failure / Failure at attachments to vessel and column / Frequent bearing failure / Frequent failure of pump seals / High misalignment during pump starting / Noisy pump operation / Very high Line movement due to wind pressure / other problems related to high temp piping.
  • Deputation of skilled manpower on Hourly Basis.
  • Third party services for checking calculations done by vendors and engineering consultants
  • Training Services in piping stress analysis for mechanical engineers of engineering consultants and engineering / plant maintenance engineers of existing plants..


  • Stress Analysis and support fabrication drawing preparation of Ammonia Plant compressor house piping, five numbers, for two projects.
  • Analysis of all IBR steam lines of a coal based power plant consisting of   steam boilers, turbine, distribution of HP and MP steam with tie-ins to existing process units. Total length of distribution of steam involved around 2 Km piping , Max Line pressure 104 Bar and Steam Temp. 537 Deg C. All lines approval by IBR, Max Line Size 24” NB.
  • Analysis of about twelve thermal power plants consisting of lines connected to boiler, turbine and steam distribution network. All lines approved by IBR.
  • Analysis of lines in heating systems consisting of thermic fluid pumps, Thermic fluid boilers and distribution network.
  • Thermal solar power plants, 2 Nos.
  • Analysis of critical lines for Gas processing plant connected to aluminum heat ex changers, regeneration system, Air coolers, Vessels, columns, heaters and Heat Exchangers
  • Successfully solved problems related to mechanical failures analysis like:- Expansion joint / bellow elongation and failure, Steam / Thermic fluid lines falling off the structure, Support failures, Flange Leakage, Frequent pump bearing failure, Line vibration, Pump Seal failures, pump shaft misalignment, Cracks in piping and fittings.
  • Analysis of FRP / GRP line for around 11 projects for overseas companies, Largest project executed :- 700 Lines. Code used IS0 14692
  •  Training in pipe stress analysis and CAESAR II use:-These courses are conducted at client office. For more detail please email query at [email protected]